Anderson sues ex-boyfriend

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Pamela Anderson sues ex-boyfriend is the news of the moment in Las Vegas as The Baywatch star asks for a million bucks for allegedly not honoring his word to erect a condo in Sin City for the actress.

Although the lawsuit was filed in LA, the Nevada city is where this buxom blonde wanted to have another address. But, sources, including TMZ, say, her former beau Laurence Hallier did not come through.

The two were a couple in 2006 when Anderson decided to promote his Las Vegas Panormama Towers project in exchange for one of the units. Allegedly, Hallier agreed but with the provision that if the condo wasn’t ready in time then he would hand over cash in the form of one million dollars.

While this all sounds like fair game if it was in writing then Pamela Anderson should win her case. If it is hearsay then, well who knows? A good lawyer may be able to pull off the win for the Baywatch babe.

Meanwhile, do you think Pamela Anderson should be doing this? Does it seem right as she sues her ex-boyfriend? Thoughts? Thanks.

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