Andrew Breitbart: Conspiracy Theories of Foul Play

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Conspiracy theories are abounding that conservative hero Andrew Breitbart may have died of foul play. The 43-year-old conservative writer reportedly died of a heart attack early in the morning yesterday, March 1. The troubling and rather eery part of his death is that Breitbart spoke at the CPAC conference in February and reported that he would release tapes from President Obama’s college days that would ruin his reelection campaign. The date of the release…March 1.

According to Reuters, a friend of Breitbart’s reported that he had a history of heart problems. If that story is true, a heart attack at age 43 is not terribly unexpected. If the story is false, however, the conspiracy theories will surely gain more attention. His father-in-law said that he was walking back to his home after sipping red wine and talking politics when he collapsed. The paramedics apparantly arrived quickly and tried to revive him but did not succeed.

So far, nothing seems to be all that out of place or odd. However, the eery part is political rather than medical. Famous for exposing the Anthony Weiner scandal, Breitbart was known for routinely attacking Democrats and liberals and sometimes exposing things that were supposed to remain unknown to the American public. On February 9, he spoke at CPAC and claimed that he has material that would undermine the President’s attempt at reelection, and later said to a reporter “wait ’til they see what happens March 1,” most people believing that he would release all the tapes of the President on that date. According to InfoWars, the tapes were said to show President Obama with radical leftist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn.

Unfortunately for Breitbart, he never had a chance to release the tapes because he died early in the morning on the day he said he would release them. An autopsy has been ordered to determine the exact cause of death, but until then, the conspiracy theories will continue to emerge all over the internet. Nothing has been confirmed, not the cause of death nor any conspiracy theory that foul play was involved. All that can be confirmed is that Andrew Breitbart died at the age of 43 on March 1 and that he claimed to have harmful videos of the President that were to be released on March 1. At best, this is merely an odd coincidence and unfortunate that a prominent media figure is dead. At worst, foul play could be involved that would represent the corruption that has cause many Americans to feel disenfranchised from their leaders in Washington, DC.

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