Andy Dick Arrested in a California Restaurant

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Some people go to restaurants to eat a little something but comedian Andy Dick, who is no stranger to the court system and being stopped by the police, went to an eatery in California and was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in Southern California arrested 45-year-old Dick on Monday night at a Temecula restaurant. He was booked for disorderly conduct that involved drugs with alcohol. Not a good combination.

ABC News reports that he was released when he posted $500 for bail.

Jail might be Andy Dick’s home away from home since he’s been arrested a few times. Back in 2008 the comic pled guilty and ended up with probation after being detained for being drunk at a Riverside County restaurant. Looks like he drinks more than he eats at restaurants.

Last year he reportedly groped a bouncer at a bar in West Virginia and was charged with sexual abuse for that. Too much alcohol does funny things to people.

Maybe Andy Dick should take a good look at what he’s doing to himself and possibly his career. Perhaps Dr. Drew can help him or better yet a hospital with specialized programs. But then again, if Andy isn’t ready to be helped nothing can be done for him. It’s just too bad that this very funny comedian is slowing going down the drain.

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