Andy Dick Being Sued for Putting Private Parts on Patron’s Head

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It seems comedian Andy Dick put his–umm, ‘namesake’ on a patron’s head during a performance and now is being sued for it. Can’t blame the person, either. Would you want Dick’s private parts on your head?

According to Popeater, Robert Tucker filed a lawsuit in Dallas County, Texas this week based on Dick’s behavior during a recent show.

“Defendant Dick then, while still controlling Plaintiff’s head with his hand, forced his genitals against the left side of Plaintiff’s face,” the lawsuit against Andy Dick alleges.

Tucker’s lawsuit cites ‘defamation of conduct and infliction of emotional distress. Most people would find that situation distressing. Wouldn’t you? Andy Dick has a history of taking things way over that proverbial line of acceptability. This certainly isn’t the first time he’s been in trouble with the law either.

In 2010 Andy Dick had several legal issues, stemming from exposing himself publicly and sexual abuse. Early in May he was arrested for ‘disorderly conduct with alcohol.’

Sadly, Andy Dick may have to face the fact that his humor has gone way beyond distasteful to a place where most people simply don’t want to go. Forcing one’s genitalia onto another person’s head or face crosses way, way, way over any boundaries of good taste. It sounds like if he doesn’t clean up his act to some degree, he could wind up in big trouble as well.

Andy Dick spent some time back in 2009 with Dr. Drew Pinksy at his Sober Living House. It doesn’t appear like that stint did him much good.

How would you react if a performer did anything as crass as Andy Dick did to Robert Tucker? Would you file suit as well?

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