Andy Herren of ‘Big Brother 15′: ‘Portrayal’ of Him During Season ‘Troubling’

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Andy Herren won Big Brother 15 this past season, but the win didn’t come without a lot of criticism from viewers. The BB15 winner jokes around about it all a lot on Twitter, and one of his latest posts is fairly comical. While he still surely rubs many the wrong way, he definitely has won over a lot of viewers with his schtick as well.

Herren tweeted, “I’m fine with being portrayed as a rat floater, but the absence of me being HILARIOUS is starting to become troubling. I made everyone LOL.” There are a lot of people who rushed to assure him they thought he was indeed hilarious, but many others still don’t share his style of humor. Especially toward the end on the Big Brother 15 live feeds, Andy railed on Elissa Slater in particular hour after hour, even “joking” about getting physically violent with her. It is true, some didn’t get the joke.

Regardless of what Big Brother 15 fans thought of him, Andy Herren won the big money and he certainly thinks he earned it. Herren’s lack of seemingly seeing why others disliked the season is not specific just to him, as other houseguests on Twitter seem equally disconnected. All the same, he’s got a big fan base now of folks who seem to adore him.

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