Andy Rooney Rants

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I love Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes.  Sometimes when 60 Minutes comes on there is nothing that interests me, but I don’t switch the station.  I wait until Andy Rooney’s segment at the end of the show.


As I was wandering through the Time web site, I came across this page and I was thrilled!


Top 10 Grumpiest Andy Rooney Segments


As I started watching the video clips, they didn’t seem any more grumpy than any Andy Rooney segment.  But as I progressed through them, they did get grumpier and grumpier.


Time points out that Andy Rooney is 91 years old.  That makes me sad.  It makes me realize that our time with Andy is probably not that much longer.  And who else could do what he does?


Andy has been on CBS’s 60 Minutes since 1978.  What would 60 Minutes be without him?  Who else would we want to grump at us each week?  Let’s hope we don’t have to find out too soon.


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