Angela Allen Murdered; Man Pleads ‘Not Guilty’

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Missing teen Angela Allen is believed to have been murdered by Lloyd Jones, a 36-year-old convicted rapist who was last seen with the girl. It’s already been reported that the body of a young woman was discovered on his property — stuffed into a barrel and buried. The body has been positively identified as the missing 16-year-old girl, and her cause of death was strangulation.

It’s believed that Lloyd Jones met Angela Allen on a social networking site posing as an 11th grade boy. Like sex predators often do, he groomed her and “got to know her” until she was comfortable enough to meet him. It’s known that she was last seen being picked up by the man.

The latest update in this gruesome case comes with a ‘not guilty’ plea in court. It’s interesting to see if he will stick to his original story. He told detectives that he’d picked the girl up and the two went somewhere to make out. When she told him she was only 16, he said he pushed her out of his truck into the water and left her there. However, the coroner says there was no fluid in her lungs or any evidence indicating she’d ever been under water. Also, the fact that she was stuffed into a barrel on property owned by his family isn’t really helping his story any.

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