Angela and I went to see Hairspray tonight….

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For her birthday, Angela got a ticket to see a performance of Hairspray at the Cobb Energy Center. Of coarse I went with her, since Mike wouldn't be caught dead there. I had to drop Pher off somewhere first, so we ended up getting to the theater rather early. I found that to be a good thing, since we were able to park VERY close to the door. Angela didn't have too much trouble making it to the theater enterance on her crutches.

Once inside, Angela and I had about half an hour before the actual doors opened. THis gave her time to study some more for her science test tomorrow. She knows the material, so I'm not worried.

Being broke, we didn't purchase a t-shirt or sweatshirt….even if I had some money, I still couldn't justify spending $25 for a t-shirt.

Since Angela was on crutches, I had to call ticketmaster and try to get seats that weren't in the middle of a row. What a pain in the…well, you get the idea. Our seats ended up to be alright. They weren't the best, but they weren't too bad either. The musical itself was very well done. It's different from both movies, but I knew that. This was Angela's first professional performance, and she loved it. Angela was really tired and her foot was hurting towards the end….way past her bedtime tonight. There were LOTS of kids there…the rest of our row was taken up by high school girls.

If you have a chance to go see Hairspray, I'd recommend it. It was a great first performance for Angela to attend….very colorful sets and good acting. Angela knew the words to almost all the songs (as did I), since she's seen the movie enough. There was one spot where the audience was laughing…and something happened or someone said something that got 'Edna' laughing…that in turn made us laugh more…and the actor laugh more…

If I can get cheap tickets, then I may see about taking Pher to see Spamalot in March. It's really not my thing, but Pher wants to see it.

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