Angela Bassett and Whitney Houston to star in ‘Waiting to Exhale’ Sequel

Angela Bassett and Whitney Houston are set to star in a Waiting to Exhale sequel. For fans who have been holding their breath for this reunion, it’s time to exhale because your dreams will come true! And unlike many of Hollywood’s rumors, this little juicy tidbit was announced by one of the stars: Angela!

During her recent interview on The Talk, Bassett said, “It’s preliminary, but it’s going to happen, ‘Waiting to Exhale 2.’ [McMillan] wrote ‘Getting to Happy’ and she’s written the screenplay. … Loretta, Lela, Whitney, Forest. Forest is working on the script now.”

Most of the time, fans are treated to mere gossip by anonymous sources. However, fans have been given the golden light of truth thanks to Angela. It should only be a matter of time before Whitney Houston makes her own announcement. Seriously, this would be a major boost to Houston’s failed comeback.

One has to wonder what the script will look like. A Waiting to Exhale sequel will have to focus on a different phase of the characters’ lives since the original movie was made 16 years ago. No matter what happens with the script, the fact that Angela Bassett and Whitney Houston will be starring in it makes the project an enticing one. Have you been waiting for this sequel?

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