Angelea Preston’s Facebook Status that Got Her Disqualified from ‘America’s Next Top Model’

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Angelea Preston was disqualified last night on ‘American’s Next Top Model.’ Now there is a status floating around that fans are saying she posted on Facebook and could be the reason for all of the drama.

Fans are really not sure why Angelea Preston was not able to compete in the show last night, but the rumors are that it had to do with a Facebook status which spoiled the show.

Now reports are out of what the status was that she posted online. Here is what it is reported to have said even though it has been taken down already if it was there.

“I am winner!!! I know me and f*ck angelea haters!!! Look at me now b*tch”.

So far the CW is not reporting why they disqualified Angelea Preston from the show. Do you think this is a real Facebook status or a fake? It was sent out by several fans last night on Twitter talking about her not competing in the show.

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