Angelina Jolie a Very Dirty Girl—Shocking New Report

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Angelina Jolie stinks. Seriously. Rumor has it that the Salt star who is widely considered one most beautiful women on earth practices appalling personal hygiene, and therefore suffers from gross bad breath and body odor. How is that possible? Forget how it happened. Pity poor Brad Pitt. And her poor kids. Eeewww.

According to “so called sources,” the beauteous Oscar winner and globe-trotting humanitarian may look “like a goddess, [but] Angie is a little too earthy when it comes to hygiene.” The source, who must be literally a fly on the wall of one of Brangelina’s many palatial residences, goes on to reveal “first hand knowledge of her skipping baths for up to a week, not brushing her teeth until bedtime and wearing her clothes for two weeks straight.” Yikes.

So, there you have it. But you should probably take it with several grains of Salt. While it’s possible that something is happening in the Jolie-Pitt household that’s making Angie depressed enough to neglect her personal hygiene, it’s unlikely. Of course, there are the rumors that La Jolie is suffering from the extremely serious and debilitating disease Hepatitis C. That would certainly make her very depressed indeed. Assuming (and hoping) those rumors are false, this rumor is probably false as well. The idea of a perfectionist like Angelina Jolie refusing to bathe and brush her teeth is ludicrous.

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