Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp Ban Brad Pitt from the Set of ‘The Tourist’!

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Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp’s longtime love, Vanessa Paradis, suspect Angie up to her old tricks again…bedding costars!  For weeks these couples and the whole world have been watching Johnny Depp and Angie likes hawks!

The two hottest of hot celebrities are filming The Tourist in wildly romantic cities such as Venice and Paris.  Vanessa is out of her mind with jealousy.  She is fully aware of Angie’s track record and no doubt is considering putting Jennifer Aniston on speed dial! 

Star Magazine reports insiders say “Vanessa told Johnny he should just quit.  She wanted him to walk away.  Johnny told her he can’t do that – he is contractually obligated.  Vanessa’s suspicions are at fever pitch.  Angie’s been flirting big time with Johnny.”

This is not good news for Vanessa or Brad.  Angie and Johnny will soon be filming their steaming sex scenes and this includes an X-rated shower scene.  Uh-oh…we have all heard that sometimes the lovemaking is not pretend.  Perhaps this why Brad has been banned from the set during this time.  Double uh-oh.

It has been reported in the blab-loids that Johnny is the one guy Brad is threatened by.  “He’s handsome, smart, sexy and has a unique quality that Angie goes wild for.  Not to mention Brad knows all too well how she can fall for her costars,” an insider tells Star.

Angie’s resume reads: 

Jonny Lee Miller – Hackers

Billy Bob Thornton- Pushing Tin

Olivier Martinez – Taking Lives

Colin Farrell – Alexander

And, of course, Brad Pitt – Mr. $ Mrs. Smith

Per Angie’s dating CV it is no wonder Brad is determined to sit on the sidelines while Angie and Johnny film their love scenes.  We’ll see.  Angie seems like the type of woman who will do anything to get her way. 

Lastly, both Angie and Johnny have families.  They are parents.  Would they really throw all of that away for a lustful few months?  Let’s hope not. 

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