Angelina Jolie Angry at Brad Pitt and Courteney Cox Get-Together During Dinner Party?

The latest rumor is that Brad Pitt is in trouble with Angelina Jolie after meeting up with Courteney Cox at a dinner party in Los Angeles! Yikes, who would want to be at the wrongFile:Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.jpg end of Angelina’s anger? Not many people.

The rumor, according to the National Enquirer, is that while Jolie was shooting an ad campaign for Louis Vuitton half way around the world in Cambodia, Pitt took to the town for a dinner party at Beso restaurant. The dinner party had others in attendance but a source states that Brad and Courteney “spent a good 20 minutes locked in a very personal chat, away from the other guests. It looked like a very warm conversation.”

This source also states that the only subject on Pitt’s mind when he’s with Cox is his ex, Jennifer Aniston! The source stated, “…all they talk about is Jen. He wants to know who she’s dating and whether or not she still talks about him.”

Uh, yeah, that sounds completely believable. Whatever, anyway, the National Enquirer may have gotten some points in breaking the Tiger Woods sex scandal but it seems to be back to its good ol’ unfounded ways. Whether or not Brad Pitt had a slight run-in or planned dinner date with Courteney Cox, it doesn’t really seem like the kind of thing that would ignite anger from Angelina Jolie.

When you are in a loving relationship with someone that you trust, there’s no need to worry about his or her long time friends. Chances are this rumor is just a rumor.

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