Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Upstaging Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux in Wedding Rush?

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The latest rumor to surface in the ongoing Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston grudge is that Jolie is planning a mad wedding rush with Brad Pitt just to upstage Aniston and Justin Theroux’s supposed wedding plans. These two beautiful and talented women will always be tabloids fodder and whether or not there is an actual grudge between Angelina and Jennifer will only be known between them. However, the stories made up are still very interesting and entertaining.

A tabloid source said, “It’s not a subject Angelina likes to talk about, but the truth is she and Jen still hate each other. They just can’t seem to let go of their grudges. They’ve taken a lot of jabs at one another over the years, but Angelina seems to be the one really obsessed with proving her dominance.”

According to the source, the most vindictive way for Jolie to prove her dominance is to marry Pitt first. Apparently, having six children together is no longer enough security for a woman. The source continued by saying, “Obviously she loves Brad deeply and wants to cement their bond and keep her family together. But the consensus among their friends is that there’s more going on than just that. A lot of people around her suspect that this wedding has a lot to do with her need to be on top.”

It is highly unlikely that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have either Jennifer Aniston or Justin Theroux on their minds. Jolie and Pitt seem to be going as strong as ever and were even recently photographed together at the Toronto Film Festival where Jolie was sporting handcuffs. On the other hand, Aniston and Theroux also seem to be doing exceptionally well. They’ve moved in together and are in the early honeymoon phase of their relationship. Whether or not one couple gets married will most likely not impact the other.

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