Angelina Jolie Called a Thief by Angry Croatian

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Big lipped skeleton Angelina Jolie has been accused of being a lowly thief by an angry journalist with a bee in his bonnet.

Obviously the criminally under-nourished waif who only has to look at a hot dog and pass out in waves of nausea and grief, is used to dealing with low-life journalists who live in the gutter like mutant rats, but not one of these alcohol addicted sleazy hacks has ever accused the utterly charming and absolutely lovely Hollywood princess of theft before.

Yet that’s exactly what Croatian journalist James J. Braddock has done by filing a suit against Brad Pitt’s lady-love for the crime of copyright theft.

Angeline Jolie is alleged to have stolen the storyline for her directorial (big yawn) masterpiece, The Land of Blood and Honey, from Braddock’s 2007 book about the Bosnian Civil War – The Soul Shattering.

If true, this accusation truly is soul shattering (get it?) because it means the doe eyed thespian who once famously intellectualized Tomb Raider by wearing tight shorts and pouting, is nothing more than a common con merchant making a lucrative career of passing off someone else’s ideas off as her own and stealing other people’s property. Good God, what would Jennifer Aniston say?

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Stop Thief! Is Angelina Jolie (pictured) a Guilty Woman?

Obviously when any actor or actress announces they are making the transition into directing, with a few rare exceptions, it’s enough to send shivers up most movie-goers spines and send god-fearing audiences running to the hills in mortal terror.

And when Angelina spilt the beans on her decision to not only direct, but write and produce her 2011 movie about a rape and a kidnap victim set during the Bosnian war, many in Hollywood were sent into hysterical spasms of both laughter and dread.

The Land of Blood and Honey eventually fared a lot better than a lot of Jolie haters expected, but now that Braddock is claiming he showed his book to the film’s co-producer Edin Sarkicin 2008 during discussions about a film adaptation, will the adulation and acclaim given to poor old Angie be taken away quicker than you can say “Lance Armstrong.”

Brad Pitt’s stoic missus thinks not and despite have legal papers drawn up in a bid to have the case dismissed, Angie has brushed off Braddock’s claims with a metaphorical shrug stating, “It’s par for the course.”

How very dismissive of you Angie you old trout.

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