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Which witch is the real witch? After years of being maligned for her ice queen exterior, Angelina Jolie may be in the bidding to play the role of a lifetime . . . Maleficent, the evil fairy godmother from Sleeping Beauty, in a new live-action version of the Disney classic, giving the reins of the story to the witch and not the “Once Upon A Dream” princess.

Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland director has been reported to be interested in the project, but Los Angeles Times reports say that he hasn’t signed on for sure yet. If Jolie signs on, it may make the pot a little sweeter for the director. Given the monster numbers and huge profits his latest adaptation is bringing in, Disney has got to be foaming at the mouth with the idea that he would take on this project as well. But will Angelina, who usually plays badass girls with guns, be willing to go on this journey with Burton?

Jolie is not known for her children’s film roles but, given the brood she and Brad Pitt have at home, it would behoove her to sign up. This time, she wouldn’t be a cartoon like in SHARK TALE or KUNG FU PANDA but a real live scary queen for the ages.

Do you think she’d be good at this? Will it use all her crazy past experiences and maybe bring her another Oscar even? I can see it now!

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