Angelina Jolie Demands Brad Pitt Go to Rehab, But He Says No

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Poor Angelina Jolie. Just when the leggy Oscar winner was about to finally waltz down the aisle with Brad Pitt, he walks out on her. The blow up reportedly happened when Angie demanded he go to rehab for his drug and alcohol issues. But alas, Brad said “No, no, no.” He reportedly cancelled the wedding and walked out.

Wow. That walkout has been just around the corner for quite a while. Brad and Angie have not only argued about drink and drugs, they also squabbled about her verbally abusing the kids as well as her not entirely irrational fears that he’ll cheat on her. However, when La Jolie did a mini-Michael Lohan and insisted Brad go to rehab, the Moneyball star “snapped.” Duh. What else did she expect?

“Even though Brad denies up and down that he’s still using drugs, Angie is convinced that he’s secret­ly abusing pot and possibly other drugs behind her back,” an inside source revealed. “She’s also turned off by his excessive drinking. Brad stormed out of their French château. They’d been quarreling over wedding plans when Angie said she wouldn’t walk down the aisle until Brad went to rehab. She said his drinking and drug use is a deal breaker.”

Apparently, when the mercurial Mr. Pitt storms out, he’s like a hurricane, tornado, and typhoon rolled into one. He flew to L.A. to promote his new documentary, The House I Live In. Almost fittingly, it’s a documentary about the so-called war on drugs—which has actually become a P.T. Barnum-esque smoke and mirrors money-making enterprise.

To his credit, Brad has always been pretty honest about his drug use. That is, until now.

“My drug days have long since passed,” he revealed in a recent interview, “but it’s certainly true that I could land in any city and any state and get you whatever you wanted. Give me 24 hours or so, and I’ll know where to find it.”

So there you have it. In all fairness, smoking grass isn’t a big deal, as long as he doesn’t smoke around the kids and doesn’t drive. Boozing it up with Guy Ritchie and friends is another matter, however. Brad isn’t a kid anymore, and his liver probably yelped when the alcohol hit his bloodstream. Whatever. So is this the beginning of the end for Brangelina? Or was it simply another excuse for postponing the wedding, yet again? Do you think Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will ever get married?

Stay tuned.

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