Angelina Jolie Finally Responds to Oscars Leg-Baring Controversy

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At the 2012 Academy Awards ceremony, Angelina Jolie caused a firestorm of controversy when she struck a provocative pose revealing her right leg via the upper-thigh high slit in her long black Atelier Versace gown. Within 24 hours Angie’s leg had its own Twitter account with tens of thousands of followers, and it was rumored that her leg might now launch a career of its own. Right. But what did La Jolie have to say about all the controversy she caused by that leg-endary leg-baring moment. Nothing. Until now.

First, Jolie revealed her leg. Now, she’s finally revealed how she feels about revealing her leg. In a recent interview, the Salt star admitted she thinks the “fun being poked at her” over her leg “scandal” was just that—funny. In fact, Angie thought it was such a gas, that she’s thinking of doing it again next year.

“Angelina thinks it’s hilarious,” reveals a source close to Brangelina. “She’s been laughing about it even harder than Brad. She’s thinking of going for both legs next year.”

Well, there you have it. Obviously, the In the Land of Blood and Honey director doesn’t “mind having her leg pulled.” Actually, if it’s true that Angelina Jolie is now three months pregnant with her seventh child, she’ll have just enough time to deliver the babe (or babies) and lose weight before exposing both legs at next year’s Oscars.

Best of luck to Angie and her legs. You too, Brad.

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