Angelina Jolie Finds Brad Pitt’s Love Letters to Mystery Woman—Will She Cancel Wedding?

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Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie saw red when she found a stash of Brad Pitt’s love letters to another woman. If the rumor is true, Jennifer Aniston might soon have a reason to rejoice because livid Angie might cancel the wedding. Yikes.

According to sources, La Jolie is both “humiliated and horrified.” Since Angie is well-known for being insecure despite her beauty, wealth, talent, six children, Oscar, and tireless charity work, the appalling discovery might cause her to cancel the couple’s upcoming wedding. As fans may recall, Angie freaked out last year over Brad’s rumored flirtations with a couple of his World War Z co-stars. It’s unlikely that the Salt star will take this humiliation lying down—even though their wedding day is imminent. So, should Jen Aniston break out the champagne?

Not yet. Since this news originally came from Star Magazine, it’s already suspect. Or not. Sometimes the tabloids actually report the truth. The National Enquirer’s discovery of the John Edwards’ scandal is a famous example. The thing that’s really fishy about this story is the love letters themselves. Why would Brad Pitt keep copies of love letters he wrote to other women, let alone leave them lying around for Angelina Jolie to find? Why would he make copies at all? And he surely wouldn’t have the originals since they were presumably mailed to the women. Duh. And who writes letters anymore anyway?

Oh well, time will tell. Til then, Jen Aniston will have to be patient.

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