Angelina Jolie Flaunts Sex with Brad Pitt at GGAs–Jennifer Aniston Miffed?

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Was Angelina Jolie guilty of providing the world with way too much information at the Golden Globes when she talked about sex with Brad Pitt? Was her comment really a barb aimed at Jennifer Aniston? Did Jennifer Aniston really care?

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux did not attend the Golden Globes Awards ceremony on January 15, but if Jen watched it on T.V., she had to be, once again, upset by Angelina Jolie. Or at least that was the opinion of the folks at Hollywood Life. It seems La Jolie blurted an unkind comment that probably sent poor Jen into histrionics. Angie thoughtlessly and heartlessly “over shared with the Associated Press that what she was really looking forward to that evening was getting into bed with Brad.”

Angelina Jolie should learn to “keep her lust to herself,” opined the Hollywood Life ladies. And apparently Jennifer Aniston wasn’t the only woman they were trying to protect from La Jolie’s viciously boastful tongue. Angie should learn to keep her mouth shut for fear of reminding the rest of the women on the planet that she can have sex with Brad Pitt and they can’t.

Good grief.

If Jennifer Aniston still cares what and/or whom Brad Pitt does in bed at this late date, then no wonder rumors are rampant that Justin Theroux has dumped her. And if he hasn’t dumped her, he should. As for Angelina Jolie, she has a perfect right to say whatever she likes. If it’s really TMI, it will be bleeped from the broadcast. And as for Mr. Pitt, he’s a good-looking guy and all, but not all women fantasize about having sex with him. Even he would probably agree.

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