Angelina Jolie Gloats Over Jennifer Aniston ‘Homewrecker’ Accusations

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Angelina Jolie was vilified back in the day for breaking up the marriage of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. The Oscar-winning Salt star was called many unkind names, but the one that has followed her through the years is “homewrecker.” An ultimately meaningless insult since a happy marriage cannot be put asunder. Be all that as it may, it seems the shoe may now be on the other foot. Jennifer Aniston’s.

Jennifer Aniston recently unveiled a new boyfriend. His name is Justin Theroux, and rumor has it that Jen Aniston broke up his 14-year relationship with his girlfriend, Heidi Bivens. So once again, the word ‘homewrecker’ is working its wicked way around the Web. Only this time, it’s being hurled at Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie is gloating about it.

“Angelina is having a good laugh over Jen’s new scandal,” reported an inside source. “For years, Angie’s been seen as a homewrecker, so Angie’s glad people are saying it about Jen now. She thinks Jen’s finally getting what she deserves!”

Ouch. But, apparently, that’s not all. It seems Jolie has been spreading the story to mutual acquaintances so everyone can have a good laugh at Aniston’s expense.

“Angie and Jen know some of the same people,” the source continues, “so news
travels around. Angie’s made some remarks — like, ‘Who’s the homewrecker now?’ She even joked that maybe now that Jen’s being seen as the bad girl, she’ll get better acting roles.”

Actually, maybe she will. Aniston’s last few films haven’t exactly won her any awards.

Seriously, it’s good that Angelina Jolie feels better now that she’s been able to get a bit of her own back at Jennifer Aniston’s expense, but can’t they all just get along?

‘Homewrecker’ is a misogynistic term. There’s no corresponding word for men who “break up” the marriages of others. Only women are thought to wreck homes by stealing other women’s husbands. People are not property and cannot be filched like iPhones or jewelry. And no woman can ever make a man do anything he doesn’t want to do. The whole homewrecker concept is ludicrous. As ludicrous as these two women holding a decades-long grudge against each other for nothing.

Even Brad Pitt would probably agree.

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