Angelina Jolie In-Laws haunted by ghost of Jennifer Aniston

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Rumors are actress Angelina Jolie might finally be winning the war with Jennifer Aniston for the affections of Brad Pitt‘s mom. The ghost of his dead relationship to the actress has been haunting Brangelina for years now (mainly because his mother continues to remain close to her former daughter-in-law).

Celebrity gossip sources have claimed for years that Aniston and the real Mrs. Pitt (Jane Pitt) has kept in touch with her since Brad and the former Friends star split.

Although Brad and Angelina are star celebs with tremendous star power and clout in Hollywood as a celebrity couple, apparently Jolie is not the dream daughter-in-law for the conservative family—and insiders suspect Aniston has continued to play up their differences.

The what-if factor has haunted the Pitt family. With lingering concerns Angie is not the right girl for Brad, his mom might have been hedging her bets that he and Jen would be resurrected as a celebrity couple once again.

But, despite the in-law rift Jen continues to cause in the family bonding process, things are finally looking up for Angie this Halloween season.

“Evidently the rumors that Angelina Jolie doesn’t get along with Brad Pitt’s family are false…” claimed one Brangelina gossip columnist.

“Well, either that, or a woman with six kids will take any help she can get: The Oscar-winning actress was spotted spending family time with Bill and Jane Pitt, plus her and partner Brad’s brood of rugrats, in Budapest, Hungary, over the weekend.”

Angelina Jolie Cannes 2011Entertainment news reports claim Jane Pitt, allegedly a conservative mom with a Mid-West mentality, has a chilly familial relationship with the bohemian globe-trotter, Angie.

When news broke that the Brangelina kids and grandparents were spotted visiting a play center in a Budapest shopping complex with the Tomb Raider star and all were smiling, speculation rose that Angelina and the Pitts have made peace.

What do you think? Will Angelina Jolie ever be accepted as Brad Pitt’s wife and the mother of his children in the eyes of his family?

Since rumors are flying, albeit unfounded, that actress Jennifer Aniston is pregnant and has secretly married new live-in boyfriend Justin Theroux, the family might want to reconsider giving the cold shoulder to beautiful Angie.

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