Angelina Jolie Knows Her Rights

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Angelina Jolie clearly knows her rights, such as her right to put off her marriage to Brad Pitt as long as she wants, and now she’s flaunting that knowledge on the back of her neck. She recently gained another tattoo and flaunted it publicly over the weekend.

The tattoo simply reads “Know Your Rights,” and the actress claims it’s there simply because “it’s a song title by my favorite band [The Clash].” With Angelina’s prolific work to help refugees throughout the world, it likely has deeper meaning.

The ink echoes a theme she has repeatedly touched on in the past. People can only achieve power over themselves when they fully know and understand their rights. “I think it’s what comes down to everything for all these people, for refugees, for everybody,” Jolie has said. “It’s for them to know what their rights are, and then gives them the ability —for children who are trafficked, for women who are vulnerable, for everybody.”

Angelina Jolie’s new tattoo joins a much broader collection, one that includes the longitudes and latitudes of Brad Pitt’s and her children’s home towns. It seems that each of them has a special meaning in Jolie’s heart. After all, they each should since tattoos are forever.

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