Angelina Jolie Makes Birthday Cake for Maddox, Thanks Sandra Lee!

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Angelina Jolie a working mom of 5, no 6 kids, who does not always have the time to prepare homemade goodies.  Her eldest son Maddox, whose birthday was in August, wanted a cake, obviously.  Instead of Angelina delegated the task to someone else (which we all know she could do without talking) she whipped up one of Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Cooking recipes.

A mutual friend of Angelina and Sandra Lee (what really? They have a mutual friend?) told Sandra that Angelina made her No Birthday Cake cake for her son Maddox’s birthday.  The cake consists of store bought white sheet cake, topped with a plain round white cake, surrounded by cupcakes and pre-decorated cookies.  Sandra was shocked to realize that Angelina is just like other working mom’s who have a set amount of time to do something, Sandra said, “I am proud, not just that she made my cake but that someone of her stature isn’t delegating these [tasks], like her childrens’ birthdays, to other people.”

I know from my childhood my parents used to buy an ice cream cake for my birthday, until I was in high school.  Then my dad started making his own version of an ice cream cake, with brownies instead of cake, and cool whip for icing.  It was the best thing I ever got for my birthday, and it has stuck.  I think the cake itself was delicious (who doesn’t love a brownie sundae, and in cake form? YUMMY!)  but that my dad made it with love.  To this day on my birthday either my mom or dad will make it for me, it is touching because it is so easy to go to Baskin Robbins or Coldstones to buy an ice cream cake, even easier to just pick one up at your local grocery store, but to put in the time and effort to make one, that is just special.  I too, like Sandra Lee, am happy to hear that Angelina takes on the task of her kids birthdays, it makes it all the sweeter.

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