Angelina Jolie Meets LegoLand Head On – Twice

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Angelina Jolie does things right. Twice. The mommy actress took on LegoLand with her tots in tow two times in a matter of two weeks.

Yesterday was the second time she and her crew of kids went hog wild at the theme park in Windsor, Berkshire, UK. And this was only one of the many exciting experiences for the Jolie-Pitt clan cooked up by their mum while their daddy Brad films his epic zombie movie, World War Z.

Not only has Angelina Jolie taken two trips to LegoLand with the little ones in tow, but she has also taken them to a London toy store, and to play with Gwen Stefani’s children, all while her partner, Brad Pitt works on his film.Together, the two even rented a train to take the whole clan to Glasgow which stood in for Philadelphia. Talk about a great family trip on the rails.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is impressed by the way Angelina Jolie handles the kid situation. He told a source recently, “‘She is such a great mom. Oh, man, I’m so happy to have her.”

This is true but for Brad Pitt and for their children who are really getting around while stationed in London for the long film shoot. Angelina Jolie seems very focused on making sure the tribe is occupied and happy, filling the days with new and different surprises as the days tick by.

With that being said, can you think of other fun stuff to do while Angelina Jolie shows her kids a good time in the UK? Do you think LegoLand can be beat by, say, a trip to Paris with a stop at Disney Europe? Thoughts? Thanks.

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