Angelina Jolie Needed Buddhist Monk to Pick Date to Marry Brad Pitt

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It seems like Angelina Jolie has been dragging her feet about setting a date to wed long-time boyfriend Brad Pitt. According to the latest reports, she’s finally picked one. She just needed a little help from a Buddhist monk.

According to the National Enquirer (and you know how reliable they are), Angelina relies on the help of Buddhist monks to schedule her life. “Angie has used Buddhist astrology in the past to help her pick the best or most auspicious days for important moments in her life.”

The tabloid further says that Jolie uses astrology to plan virtually everything in her and Brad’s life, from movie openings to outings at McDonald’s. Well, maybe not to choose fast food, but they make out to be some kook that won’t leave the house without first consulting the stars. So, of course, Angelina Jolie would need some Buddhist advice to pick her wedding date. As the publication notes, “Angie is convinced the date of their union will guarantee their future happiness.” Naturally, that date remains a mystery because it’s top secret, but who could possibly question the reporting methods of the National Enquirer?

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