Angelina Jolie Not Happy With ‘Salt 2′ Script

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When you’re Angelina Jolie, one half of Hollywood’s most famous couple, you can throw your weight around. That’s just what the star is doing to improve the writing for the sequel to her movie Salt.

Jolie loves the character she developed for the original film. That’s why she agreed to do it again. However, the beautiful brunette isn’t happy with the Salt 2 script. The hint is, if changes aren’t made, Jolie may no longer be on board to do the film.

While she admits enjoying the action sequences of the first movie, she’s now second guessing herself. “I did have a moment where I found myself thinking, ‘I am somebody’s mom, I don’t belong here,'” she claims.

Whether that translate into Jolie wanting less action and more acting in Salt 2 isn’t exactly known. However, rumor has it, it’s the “quality” of the writing that has her thinking twice.

Salt, while not a blockbuster, was a solid film. It provided a roller-coaster ride of action and kept the audience guessing until its conclusion. Was she or was she not a double agent?

Admittedly, that might be hard to top in a sequel. Still, that’s exactly what Angelina Jolie wants if they want her as the star. After all, what’s a little weight throwing among friends?

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