Angelina Jolie ‘Steaming Mad’ at Brad Pitt’s Mom!

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Angelina Jolie doesn’t officially have a mother-in-law yet, until she and Brad Pitt get married, but she already has the traditional MIL problems with Brad’s mom, Jane Pitt. It seems that Jane wrote an anti-gay-marriage letter to her local paper, the The Springfield News-Ledger . Angelina is “steaming mad“, a source told the Star, and Hollywood Life reports. “She has told Brad he must educate his mother, but Brad is too much of a mama’s boy,” the source goes on.

Oops. It’s never wise to get between a man File:Angelina Jolie Cannes 2011.jpgand his mother and push this hard. Most of the time, the mother has been pushing for a lot longer. And to suggest Brad should “educate” his mother is just asking for a blowup.

But Angelina Jolie is a point—a big one. Brad Pitt has been a champion of gay rights for a long time, and he and Angelina have helped make same-sex marriage a huge political issue. Brad’s mother doesn’t have to agree—certainly families don’t always agree—but it’s a bit rude to step into the matter with both feet, so to speak, and disagree so publicly.

So who is supposed to do what here? It sounds as if the best thing Angelina Jolie and her man can do is ignore the whole thing. As celebs, they get listened to. Leave it at that.

But it sounds as if the mother of six has a broader put-down agenda. After all, Jane Pitt is said to be still friends with Jennifer Aniston. It could be that Angelina Jolie wants something more like a public retraction. Brad is caught in the middle.

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