Angelina Jolie talks of breakdown in shower and Brad’s rescue

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Angelina Jolie held a web cam chat with her fans this week and she opened up about some very personal things in her life. “In the Land of Blood and Honey” marked Jolie’s first time for directing a movie, and the responsiblity got so overwhelming that she collapsed in the shower in tears. She said she had a complete breakdown while taking a shower and she was in so much emotional pain at the time that Brad had to come in and comfort her.

Most of Jolie’s fans find her amazing with all the different avenues she’s pursued in her young life so far—many see her as a rock and put together so well that nothing fazed this A-list star. While no one wants to see Jolie crumble in a ball from anxiety, it was a breath of fresh air hearing that she’s similar to the average person.

She directed “In the Land of Blood and Honey” by default, as it’s a story she felt compelled to tell and it was left up to her to tell it, according to the Mail Online. As far as directing another movie, Angelina doesn’t see herself doing this anytime soon. Being a director was not something she aspired to; she did it only to bring this story to the screen.

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