Angelina Jolie versus Jennifer Aniston: Battle of the Revealing Dresses

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may have made a gorgeous, star couple at the Oscars on Sunday night. But it was Jolie’s choice of dress that has stirred up the most chatter with her gown even getting its own Twitter account. Never mind the fact that the design was a strapless black velvet, Atelier Versace and was completely gorgeous. The biggest statement from the ensemble was its thigh-high slit or rather Jolie’s right leg which she flashed quite noticeably (and seemingly quite often) on the red carpet and during her presenter duties on stage.

Jolie’s leg, and her sometimes contrived poses to flaunt said appendage, may have attracted plenty of attention at the Academy Awards, but despite the daring exit, it’s hard to forget that Pitt’s ex, Jennifer Aniston, wore a very similar dress at the Golden Globe Awards in 2010. So did Pitt’s former flame or his current love look best rocking the revealing, leggy look?!

File:Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Cannes.jpgAngelina Jolie topped many fashion commentators’ “Best Dressed” lists for the Oscars 2012—and rightfully so. There’s no debating that she cut a sophisticated and stunning profile alongside the longer-haired Brad Pitt. But she also has faced her fair share of criticism and maybe even some fashion police punches. The biggest offense may have been simply that the look (and the poses it demanded for full leg exposure) was a bit too forced and contrived to truly convey the effortless beauty for which Jolie is so famous.

As for Jennifer Aniston, she also looked quite ravishing and a bit more relaxed and natural in her black gown moment from the Golden Globe Awards several years ago, as Hollywood Life highlights. While Aniston’s statement-making dress wasn’t strapless, but rather featured an asymmetrical one-shoulder cut, it was still a near-spitting image of the Versace design. Of course, the biggest similarity was the sexy slit-to-there detail, which likewise showed off the actress’ enviable legs.

One thing’s for sure, Jolie and Aniston both know how to strut their stuff in high (slit) style!

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