Angelina Jolie’s Hep C Worries Come from Concerned Friends—Really?

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Angelina Jolie’s friend’s share their worries with the media that she shows signs of suffering from hepatitis C. The symptoms they are seeing adds up to this diagnosis. If friends really thought this was the case, wouldn’t they privately talk to the superstar instead of using the media to deliver their worries? With friends like these, who needs enemies?

“An exhausted Angelina Jolie is showing signs of deadly hepatitis C,” claim her friends, but the same symptoms can fall under a slew of other diseases and conditions. This can turn into a deadly disease, with chemo-like therapy and a liver transplant being two of the options for treating this, according to a report on Celeb Dirty Laundry.

According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of hepatitis C are mild and flu-like and they usually don’t show up during the early stages. “Fatigue, fever, nausea or poor appetite, muscle and joint pains and tenderness in the area of your liver” are what the most common symptoms are from this disease as it progresses.

The friend’s concerns come into play because of Angelina’s history; she wasn’t always the happy mother and very content partner. Before her Brad Pitt days, she was a party girl and even abused heroin, according to this latest report.

The close friends that kindly stepped forward to tell the world her worries, “are frightened she picked up the killer virus with reckless behavior during her wild young days — including heroin abuse”. Again, these friends seem to speak to the point that Angelina doesn’t need enemies!

“A battle with Hepatitis C could certainly explain Angie’s gaunt appearance and the fact that she seems to be keeping a bit of a low profile,” suggests Celeb Dirty Laundry. Angelina recently collapsed and she’s down to 95 pounds, this is why her friends report that they’re worried she is failing due to this disease. The full report comes out in the National Enquirer on October 1.

If there is any truth at all to this new report, hopefully Angelina picks her friends using a little more caution than she has. Friends talk about their concerns in private and help keep something like a Hep C diagnosis from the public because it has such a stigma today.

These people who are so concerned about Angelina that they had to talk to the media about their worries of a secret Hep C diagnosis for the Mr. and Mrs. Smith star aren’t following in the footsteps of a true friend. More like attention seekers!

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