Angelina Jolie’s Inner Thigh Tattoo is “for Brad”

Angelina Jolie’s recent cover story in Vanity Fair has ignited a firestorm of idle curiosity because of a picture showing tattoo on her right inner thigh about 8 inches above the knee.  The tattoo is something written in a copperplate hand that’s not quite legible.  When asked about the tattoo by MTV, Jolie reportedly said “Um, it’s for Brad.”  MTV offered a lot of insight into Jolie’s previous tattoos.  They include a Buddhist Pali incantation inscribed on one of her shoulders that includes important spiritual wishes like “if you acquire riches, may they remain yours always.”  On one hip the starlet shows off her classical side with the Latin motto ” “quod me nutrit me destruit.”  It sounds like the anorexic’s mantra since the literal translation is “what nourishes me destroys me.”  I don’t believe she got this one from Cicero or Boethius. quick look at the tattoo picture in an image editor reveals that the pictures available on the Internet like the one above aren’t high resolution enough to enlarge.  The half tone artifacts in the scan of the magazine page don’t help things.  What we need for this is one of those magic image enhancement tools that they use on crime shows all the time.  Unfortunately they don’t exist, at least not like you see the people on CSI using.  I encourage extremely bored readers to see what they can make of the tattoo.  I haven’t a clue.  The first letter looks like a “W” to me but that’s as far as I care to speculate. Other letters are definitely possible. As a fountain pen user I like the idea that copperplate is making a comeback, even if it is in the form of tattoos on the limbs of alien life forms.  Just because, I encourage the reader to study the fetish shoes in the picture carefully.

The MTV interview was a gold mine of useless information about the life and hopes of one of the more boring celebrities ever to emerge from the manufacturing complex in an undisclosed secure location that turns them out by the dozen.  Among other things Jolie revealed was “I actually think it’s important to be completely honest, however difficult that may be.”  She went on to say “I’m bad at hiding secrets anyway.”  Given the amount of detail about Jolie’s personal life that the public has had to endure that’s not a real surprise.



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