Angelina Jolie’s Personal Lip Balm is a Golden Globe winner!

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While sitting prettily with her other half, Brad Pitt, at the Golden Globes, Angelina Jolie was caught smiling, looking bored occasionally and, mostly, putting lip gloss on, application after application of it. Leaning back into Pitt’s arms, Angelina Jolie pursed and preened those famous lips of hers, making sure that they were shiny and beautiful for the camera. Did she know that the camera was on her when it was happening? Did she realize she was doing an impromptu commercial for her favorite lip gloss?

Given that she is embroiled in the lawsuit that has been brought against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, in which they are accused of bribing stars like Jolie and her Tourist co-star Johnny Depp to come by giving them a nomination, one would think that Angelina Jolie, of all people, would play it cool and act like there was nowhere else she wanted to be than that event.

Back to lip gloss–turns out that her makeup artist, Toni G, is responsible for making sure that that famous Jolie pout gets the perfect attention every single time–and she tells Us Magazine that Chantecaille Brilliant Lip Gloss in Love is the one that makes Angelina Jolie’s perfect smile pop and glow at every event.

Although Jolie didn’t win any awards, Toni G. tells us that she enjoyed making a great fashion statement with her green Versace gown but that the lip gloss helped the overall effect, maintaining “lip moisture… fresh and sexy, just reapply and go!”

So now you know–if you, too, want your lips to look as luscious as the world’s most famous supermom, take Toni’s advice. Would this make you run out and buy an expensive lip gloss, thanks to Angelina Jolie and her stylist?

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