Angelina Jolie’s Shocking Choice for Maid of Honor at Wedding to Brad Pitt

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Poor Angelina Jolie. One day she’s dying of Hepatitis C. The next day she’s shanghaied her brother into being maid of honor at her long-awaited wedding to Brad Pitt. Oh well, it could be worse. She could have chosen Billy Bob Thornton.

La Jolie is known to be close to her brother, James Haven. Not incestuously close, as some people believed when they got a load of the two siblings k-i-s-s-i-n-g at the Academy Awards ceremony back in 2000. But close enough. Now. Angie has somehow come up with the bizarre notion that James should be her maid of honor if she ever–er–when she finally ties the knot with her baby daddy Brad Pitt.

“Angie has always related to men better than women and James was thrilled to accept his little sister’s offer,” tattled a source. “They’re extremely close and share a very special bond.”

Apparently. Oh well, Angelina Jolie has always danced to the beat of a different drum. More power to her. Wonder what Brad Pitt will say about this one? Although, by this time, that too is almost irrelevant. At this point, the Moneyball star will probably just be happy to get the nuptials behind him without further delays or mishaps.

Best of luck to all concerned.

Wonder what James will wear? Seriously, who cares? The real question is: What will Jennifer Aniston say?

Stay tuned.

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