Angelina Tracy, Tiger Woods Divorce and Ashley Dupre Playboy Pictures

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Angelina Tracy is the latest mistress to hit the press after the Tiger Woods divorce rumors and Ashley Dupre Playboy pictures.  Angelina Tracy is purportedly a lingerie model and high priced call girl romping around with Charlie Sheen.

With a Tiger Woods divorce from Elin Nordegren pending, you think Charlie Sheen would be more careful about his alleged affair with Angelina Tracy.  It seems Charlie Sheen was spotted wearing a mustache, shades and hoodie on his way to a tryst with Angelina Tracy (who is rumored to charge $3,000 hourly for her “services”). 

I wonder if Brooke Mueller knew about Angelina Tracy as Charlie was trying to convince her he is a changed man?  Maybe Elin is taking notes because word on the street says the Tiger Woods divorce is a reality.

After watching Michelle Bombshell McGee on Inside Edition talk about her role in the breakup between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, I’m disgusted.  When will these guys learn?  Are the mistresses just after money and don’t they want more?  Ashley Dupre Playboy pictures are earning her money while Eliot Spitzer lost his job as Governor of New York.

With all the cheating going on, there should be a club for the mistresses and the exes.  I can imagine Brooke Mueller, Sandra Bullock and Elin Nordegren would have plenty to talk about…just like Angelina Tracy, Ashley Dupre, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and the many mistresses of Tiger Woods.

Here are YouTube videos about Charlie Sheen sneaking to see Angelina Tracy and the Tiger Woods divorce:


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