‘Anger Management’ Recap: Charlie And Jail

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Charlie, the non-traditional therapist, opens this episode with Cleo and Donovan in jail holding hands. Charlie’s jail group duo does look cute in orange outfits!

Cleo springs the news on Donovan that he’s getting out of jail. Donovan breaks a couple of chairs… I guess the anger management sessions haven’t worked for Donovan. He’s escorted back to his cell.

In the next scene, Charlie’s daughter, Sam, is getting ready for a baseball game. Jen, the mom and ex-wife, is waiting in Charlie’s living room when Cleo rings the doorbell. Cleo whispers to Charlie that his name out of the pen is Derrick. Charlie covers for him and tells Jen he’s an old baseball friend.

Jen and Sam leave for the game. Cleo tells Charlie that his wife got re-married and moved to San Diego with a Chinese dude. Charlie’s confused because Cleo was gay in prison. Cleo, aka Derrick, says he is PG—prison gay. Then he comments, “What happens in prison stays in prison.”


Derrick attends Charlie’s private group meeting. Patrick, Ed, Lacey, and Nolan all think they have a tough time with life, but Derrick puts them back into a reality check. He tells them about how his mother burned him with a cigarette butt and how a Russian threatened to tie his balls around his neck. The group is quiet and maybe a little scared.

Jen takes a liking to Derrick. He offers to wash her laundry and fix her broken washer. Charlie tells her that he’s a released felon, part of his prison group. She pretends like she’s not interested in Derrick… but later we find out she’s hard up for a sex life.

Kate and Charlie go out for drinks, while Charlie tests Patrick on his anger management progress. The waitress does everything she can to upset Patrick including pouring drinks on him and throwing nuts on his wet pants.

After Charlie and Kate have a conversation about Jen, he realizes he should apologize. He heads over to Jen’s house and finds Derrick there. It appears some hanky panky has been going on. Charlie turns and leaves.

It’s time for a little fun, and Charlie heads over to Kate’s for adult playtime. He wants to talk about Jen and Derrick, but she has other things she wants to do. She hands Charlie a device and tells him to push it three times. He obeys she becomes obviously stimulated. Charlie doesn’t quite get what’s going on.

Flash to Charlie’s house the next morning; Derrick has made a great big breakfast because he feels guilty about banging Jen. Charlie says he doesn’t mind, but then he becomes a little agitated. Jen comes over and tells Charlie to, more or less, shove it.

Later that evening Charlie is playing billiards with a friend of his and Derrick comes running into the house. He says he stole a car and he’s going back to the pen. He misses Donovan and he can’t make it on the outside. Then he say’s, “I’ll see you next week in group.”

In the final scene, Jen and Charlie make up. She has yet another crazy business idea and Charlie says maybe they can start a 12-step program for business addicts.

It appears that this show may be going on a few more seasons. Word has it that another 90 shows are be purchased.

Anger Management airs on FX 9:30 PT/ET.

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