‘Anger Management’ Recap: Charlie Sheen Making a Come-Back

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Charlie, the non-traditional therapist on Anger Management, opens this episode with Lacey, one of his patients, holding up her broken middle finger. She tries to blame her anger issue on Charlie but doesn’t get very far. She blurts out that Charlie should have answered his phone when she needed help and then she wouldn’t have broken her finger fighting.

Charlie’s solution is to begin an Anger Buddy Alert System so the group can contact each other for support.

Later, after Charlie’s session with Kate (his therapist/friend/casual sex partner) he heads over to a coffee shop. He encounters Aly, the barista who gives him a double shot latte. He says he ordered a double shot espresso. The barista is an economic Ph.D. major and Charlie has a need to feel smart. He contrives a way to a dinner date with Aly and things begin to go wacky.

At dinner, Charlie tells Aly that Kate has forbid the two of them to see each other due to professional reasons. Aly is Kate’s patient. Aly doesn’t buy it. She lures him into the bathroom to have a quicky.

Charlie is in deep water. He knows he shouldn’t be seeing Aly but he wants to continue the kinky sex. He knows that Kate is going to be upset and that it will break his trust with her. He had agreed to break it off with Aly.

Meanwhile, Patrick calls Ed for the Anger Buddy Alert support. He says there’s a party going on next door with loud music and it’s driving him crazy. Ed won’t help him so he calls Lacey. She’s more interested in the party and says she’ll be right over. Then she calls Nolan to pick her up from the club she was trying to get into.

Patrick, Lacey and Nolan all end up partying at the scene and getting drunk on tequila shots. A fight breaks out but they all run. They still end up in jail and they call Ed, who bails them out to the tune of $750. Now Ed says Charlie owes him the money. Charlie’s only comment is, “The phone system works!”

Jen (Charlie’s ex) comes over and finds Charlie on the couch asleep with Aly. Aly goes upstairs to change and Kate knocks on the door. Kate wants to have a quicky but Charlie distracts her and sends her on her way.

Aly wants to have sex in Kate’s office but he can’t go through with it. That relationship has sailed.

Charlie confesses to Kate that he slept with Aly. Kate says at least she will know who Aly is talking about when she brings up the old guy who pink balled her. Charlie asks, “Pink balled?” Kate responds, “Yes, blue balled for guys and pink balled for girls.”

The final scene, Kate and Charlie make-out on Kate’s therapy couch….

Has Charlie Sheen begun to make a come-back? All signs are pointing to higher ratings for this show.

Anger Management airs on FX 9:30 PT/ET.

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