‘Anger Management’ Recap: Charlie Sheen Over Steps Therapist Boundaries

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Charlie Sheen, playing the non-traditional anger management therapist, opens this episode with an uncomfortable shower experience. His ex-wife, Jen, walks into the bathroom to pee while Charlie is taking a shower. She asks Charlie to watch their daughter, Sam, while she takes off for a ‘golf’ weekend with a rich doctor. Hmmm dysfunctional relationship for sure!

It’s group session time at Charlie’s house. He brings up the fact that one of his patients gave him a bad review on Yelp. Ed asks, “What the hell is a yelp.” Lacey’s response, “The sound you make when you sit on your balls.”

Nolan, one of the group patients, is worried about an upcoming fifth date with a new woman. Charlie asks where Nolan is taking her for the date. Nolan says maybe a sushi truck or a neighborhood bar.

Charlie shows up at the bar and ruins the date. She finds out that Nolan is in anger management and Nolan lied to her. The dating game is over. Charlie’s’ response, “Before you say anything, dinner is on me.”

Charlie decides to have Nolan and his girlfriend over for therapy to try to patch things up. It appears to be going well until Nolan goes to the restroom and his girlfriend, Athena, turns a little psycho on Charlie. When Nolan returns she goes back to her sweet self.

The next day at group Nolan says that his computer was smashed and Athena said the cat did it. Then he says that he and Athena are moving in together and he’s quitting therapy because Athena said he should. A car horn honks and Nolan says he needs to leave because Athena is waiting for him.

Soon after the therapy session is over Nolan calls Charlie and needs a ride from a battered shelter. Athena assaulted him and he’s afraid to go to his apartment because she has the key. Charlie goes to pick him up but he needs to bring his daughter and her friends because Jen is in Palm Springs on her golf weekend.

Nolan ends up texting Athena so she won’t worry. Then Athena drives over to Charlie’s. She yells from the front yard drunk. Lacey comes over to support Nolan, not because she cares about him but because she wants Charlie to get off her butt about the whole group support issue. Lacey wants to go outside and take care of Athena but Charlie holds her back. Nolan ends up going outside to deal with Athena because Charlie shames him into it. It appears to go well until Athena gets in her car and tries to run Nolan down.

And, the last scene is Kate, Charlie’s therapist, and Charlie in bed together. Would Charlie Sheen have it any other way??? Another wild ride on Anger Management. Who is your favorite character?

Anger Management airs on FX 9:30 PT/ET

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