‘Angry Birds’ Cookbook Coming Soon says Rovio

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Angry Birds has been a very successful game on both Apple and Android devices. Popularity of the game has led to the release of various products which brand the addictive game even further. Now the company is taking things a step further, and very soon people will be able to get their hands on their very own Angry Birds Cookbook!

What type of delectable dishes would an Angry Birds Cookbook store within its pages? Why, eggs, of course! The family cookbook, which Rovio plans to self-publish in the next few weeks, will focus on various egg recipes.

Apparently the book will be available as an actual traditional book. A real book? Everyone remembers those right? Don’t get to flustered! Those who do not remember how to turn pages will be able to get the book via an app for their Smartphone! Don’t forget that Angry Birds is now available for Windows too!

An announcement during a presentation at the Open Mobile Summit in London revealed that the developer has been in discussion with Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble about distribution of the book. Pretty soon everyone will be able to cook tasty egg recipes out of their very own Angry Birds Cookbook; whilst they aim and fling various feathered fowl at the opposing target on their Smartphone, or Windows computer.

Where would life be without technology?

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