Angry Ron Paul Supporters: ‘Rand Paul Sabotaging His Dad’

What is going on with Rand Paul? At the beginning of the month, radio host Alex Jones said that Congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) had his life threatened by the Federal Reserve. Days later, witnesses told Jones that the secretive ‘Bilderberg Group’ wanted Ron Paul dead. After the supposed Bilderberg threat, Mitt Romney met with the younger Paul. It could have been to get Paul’s endorsement, to ask him to be VP or to take a cabinet position. For now, it’s anyone’s guess.

On Thursday, Sen. Paul appeared on ‘Hannity’ an announced that he would now endorse Romney. A few websites ran articles suggesting that it was in response to the supposed threats against his father’s life, Jones made a video discussing the threats. If this is what happened, then why are Ron Paul supporters flipping out on Sen. Paul and accusing him of sabotaging his father’s run for office? Jones has released videos of ‘frustrated’ Ron Paul supporters calling in to complain. The video comments about Sen. Paul are pretty shocking.

InfoWars, an Alex Jones website, says, “The reaction to Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney on pro-Ron Paul websites has been nothing short of savage.” What is really going on here? Isn’t it feasible, if not obvious, that Romney offered Sen. Paul a position and he is simply endorsing him in return? Ron Paul supporters truly believe that the congressman still has a chance to win and they refuse to vote for anyone else, a move that will greatly benefit President Obama’s chance of reelection.

Alex Jones needs to stick to or nail down a reason for Paul’s ‘sellout’. He is all over the place with this story. Ron Paul needs to come forward and support his son, if he does, because the hatred that is quickly building up for Sen. Paul is dangerous. It’s doubtful that the elder Paul will endorse Romney, he’s not big on endorsements, but he needs to support his son before it gets out of hand. Sen. Paul’s support of Romney came only after his father made it publicly clear, via email, that he could not get the nomination.

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