Animal Planet’s ‘My Cat From Hell’ Renewed

Sweet! Animal Planet has decided the tryout of the show My Cat From Hell was a success. Basically, for those who didn’t catch the three-part miniseries that aired this past spring on Saturday evenings, the show is along the same lines as Dog Whisperer, but the hellish animal at hand is, obviously, a cat rather than a dog. The Animal Planet network will air the show again early in 2012 with six hour-long episodes.

The series, which the network called “a fan favorite among feline lovers, especially female viewers,” features cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, who works with the owners of cats who are, well… difficult. Galaxy helps to “improve the relationships” between owners and their cats.

Really, 99 percent of the time, it is the owner who needs to learn what it is they are, or are not, doing that is causing their cats to act out and disrupt their lives. Cats are cats and they do cat stuff (such as tear up the furniture or go into attack mode.) My Cat From Hell is great because Jackson helps the owners realize that the better they understand cats in general – and then, more importantly, their cat in particular – the better hope they will then have in recreating an environment at home where the cat is able to simply be a cat without getting punished for it.

In My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy “applies 15 years of feline experience and proven training techniques” to turn devil cats into angel cats. It’s amazing what a little owner-training can do! If you are a cat owner, or even just a cat lover, this is one show you are bound to enjoy.

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