Animals Crawling Over the Wine Industry

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They've begun to take over the movies (aka: Ratatouille, Seabiscuit, etc)…now they're finding an even louder voice in an adult industry!? 

A wine craze of the critter phenomenon.  Critters crawling all over the labels – and selling them.   According to ACNielsen, 438 viable table-wine brands have been introduced in the past 3 years, and 18% – nearly 1 in 5 – feature an animal on the label.  It seems animal rights have reached more than $600 million.  Even an industry of airy pretention and smug standards can't by-pass consumer trends. 

What is it that attracts us to these bottles we haven't tasted or even captured a waft of it's aroma?
Perhaps it's just a reconciliation of sophistication and fun.
The mainstream consumer doesn't have to remember a lenthy name their tongue struggles to pronounce plopped on a label looking like so many other foiled members surrounding it on the shelf; they just need to recall whether or not that red wine was a mammal or a reptile among the zooification of the wine aisle.

Animals on wine labels?  Screw caps replacing corks?  What does this mean for an industry based on wordly palettes and sophistication? 
Perhaps it's like anything consumer-driven…it's what people want, what they enjoy, what makes it easy and approachable.
Afterall, that is what WINE is all about as well:
What your taste prefers, what's easy & approachable, what you enjoy!

What is your favorite animal label?


A few of my favorite:

Yella Roo Australian Chardonnay  (the illustrious Kangaroo):
Graeser  "Simba" Zinfandel    (the dog-lover family favorite):


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