Animated Movies That Deserve a Live Action Turn

There are some animated movies that are so good, they deserve a live action. Here are a few of them.

The Incredibles was a darling animated film. However, the larger than life characters would also translate well to live action. An aging Arnold Schwarzenegger could make for a fun Mr. Incredible with iron-willed Jodie Foster as his ever-loving spouse.

Tangled was such a fun retelling of Rapunzel. It could be adapted to a live action movie too. Lily Collins could be cute as a blonde and Liam Hemsworth is very prince worthy.

The Adventures of Tin Tin would make a great live action film. It would be like an updated version of Indiana Jones but with enough of a twist to make it fun and creative. Since the hero’s age isn’t really known, a variety of actors could play the young wonder very convincingly. One vote is for a still boyish looking Josh Duhamel.

Beauty and the Beast is ripe with live action possibilities. Maybe that’s why the animated film is getting adapted for television, with another show of the same title copying the ’80s Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman version. However, a movie of the tale could be fun too with Jennifer Lawrence as the ill-fated Belle and brooding Robert Pattinson as the beast.

What animated movies would you like to see done in live action? Sound off below.

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