Aniston-Handler New Show: Jennifer Appearing on Chelsea’s ‘After Lately’?

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An Aniston-Handler new show with Jennifer appearing on Chelsea’s After Lately, is rumored to be forthcoming. The show’s writers, all of whom star in the new quasi-reality show, dished on the series.

Lately, Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston have been all over the news, with each garnering a stream of individual headlines.

Ever since Handler announced the split from her Animal Planet beau, she’s been attached to rappers like 50-cent (Fiddy, if you’re gangsta), has been vocal about DADT, talked sex, pubic hair, and circumcision to the Huffington Post, and is rumored to have an upcoming Aniston-Handler new show called After Lately.

The new pseudo-reality series show will follow her high-flying bread and butter show, Chelsea Lately. It’s like a double-dose of the funny-woman, like it or not.

The Aniston-Handler new show will not be an ongoing collaboration with Jennifer and Chelsea, rather the Along Came Polly actress is rumored to only appear on the show.

But in Hollywood, there may be a marriage down the line. Can you imagine a new show called, Aniston and Handler After Dark?

The writers of After Lately spoke to E-Online about an Aniston-Handler new show possibility.

Brad Wollack, Heather McDonald, Sarah Colonna and Chris Franjola, will all star alongside Chelsea Handler in the new spin-off to Chelsea Lately.

They all film the first show until about 6 p.m. daily, and then pickup on After Lately. They all admit they are delirious and overworked. But they still love their boss. Perhaps she picks up the coffee and Red Bull tabs.

When they were asked if Jennifer Aniston would appear on the show, they all deferred the response to their publicist’s demands, stating Lately will have an Academy Award-winning actor on the show.

Very cryptic, huh? That could be a hard one to figure out since thereÂ’s been so many artists who’ve hoisted up the shiny statue. Nonetheless, it eliminates or takes attention off Aniston.

For all the awards she’s won, an Oscar has never been one of them. She did win an Emmy for being the Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Perhaps, with the long hours the cast has put in, an Oscar begins to look like an Emmy. So an Aniston-Handler new show could still be in the works.


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