Ann Coulter and Romney Are the Problem

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Ann Coulter defended the Republicans’ choice of presidential candidate in her commentary “Romney Was Not The Problem.” Of course Romney was the problem and the reason the Republicans lost. Obama got less votes than McCain in 2008; only a pathetically bad candidate could actually lose to an incumbent President who inspires so little support. Coulter says the idea that Romney was “a weak, moderate candidate” is “preposterous.” Actually Romney is the problem, and so are commentators like Ann Coulter who justify and promote such weak, moderate candidates.

File:Ann Coulter AC.jpgCoulter made a bizarre argument to justify Romney’s candidacy: Reagan didn’t have a “bold contrasting vision” either, and you conservatives supported him against Carter, thus you should have supported Romney against Obama even if he wasn’t a whole lot different. She also pointed out that Romney may have been a liberal governor, but so was Reagan as governor of California when he “signed the most liberal abortion law in the country and imposed the three largest state tax hikes in the nation’s history.” This is a terrible argument to make to conservatives who are supposed to want a candidate who is actually different from the Welfare State Democrats.

Coulter proclaimed, “If Republicans continue to tell themselves comforting myths about our candidate being the problem, they better get used to losing a lot more elections.” The opposite is true: If Republicans continue failing to differentiate themselves even from the likes of Obama, their party will die.

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