Ann Coulter Backs Stacey Dash Twitter Comment: Why Blacks Should Vote Mitt Romney

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Stacey Dash’s Twitter comment supporting presidential candidate Mitt Romney had many people seeing red across the social network. On her page, the black Clueless actress dared to post the following controversial message:

Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney @teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney

From there she was viciously attacked left and right (mostly from the left) for being a black woman who didn’t vote Democrat. Many suggested that she was acting too white, and others went so far to declare she was no longer welcome among the black race. Who didn’t see that one coming?

However, while her own people shunned her, one white woman proudly stood up for her: Ann Coulter. The conservative commenter was more than thrilled to have a black woman on her team—and a Hollywood star at that—especially since it meant an opportunity to peddle her new book, which shall go unnamed.

“There is no one braver in the wold than a black conservative,” said Coulter, defending the actress’ political viewpoints. She blamed harassing and aggressive Democrats, like those who confronted Dash on Twitter, from keeping blacks from voting Republican.

“Unfortunately a majority of blacks are democrats… I’d like to change that with my book,” said Coulter. “[Liberals] have always used blacks to pursue other political ends,” she explained, claiming people who leaned to the right “slapped the civil rights label on causes having nothing to do with black people and in fact often opposed by a majority of black people.”

The Twitter response to Stacey Dash’s political message was harsh, not to mention racist. Blacks fought long and hard to win over their voting rights—who they support is up to each individual who takes part in the election. While Ann Coulter’s support may have been to benefit her own agenda (i.e. book sales), does she have a point? Should blacks listen to Dash and vote Mitt Romney rather than support the black President?

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