Ann Coulter’s Idea of Free Speech (Rules of Conduct her forums set out)

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The following rules are taken directly from Ann Coulter’s chat forum regarding rules of conduct when posting there… (Generally I would completely agree with these but lets remember who we are talking about…. Ann “Dropping F Bombs and Hatred” Coulter)

-Ann Coulter is our hostess. You may agree or disagree with her positions, but any disrespect towards Ann will be grounds for immediate removal.

This coming from a woman who tells a teenage Muslim girl to go ride a camel? And yet people should be respectful to her??

-All debate must be honest and fair.

Oh yes… I can understand this considering how she is with those she debates! LOL

-Obscene, profane, vulgar, or threatening posts will not be tolerated.

How many F bombs does she drop in each sentence? This one is hilarious!

-Any other inappropriate behavior (as determined by the admins/moderators) may be cause for warning or removal. A poster’s removal is not a topic for open discussion.

But she is upset that Ottowa University students dont want her there after her inappropriate behavior over the ages?

-The admins/moderators will determine the interpretation and application of the rules, and their decisions are final. Questions and feedback about forum moderation are always welcome, but are to be conducted solely via private message. Use your good judgment when posting, and you should have a long and enjoyable stay here.

So those that dont want to hear her spew her hate cant make that same decision for themselves?

Poor Ann (pats on head). Enjoy your stay in

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