Ann Curry Back on ‘The TODAY Show’

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Is Ann Curry coming back to The TODAY Show? Is it really true. Well, it is and it isn’t. A TODAY insider has the real scoop, but fans will love knowing they’re about to see a lot more of Ann!

According to a report from RadarOnline, Ann isn’t returning to her co-anchor position with Matt Lauer, but the network plans to feature lots more of her reporting every day during The TODAY Show program. So is anyone else getting fired? Is the network replacing Savannah Guthrie or Natalie Morales? Sorry, fans. It’s nothing like that at all, but it will mean lots more visibility for Ann in the coming weeks.

Ann Curry “Ann Curry reported for the TODAY show on Monday morning from the Syrian border, and she will be featured on a much more routine basis going forward for the TODAY show,” the insider explains. “Ann is truly doing what she loves the most now, reporting from war-torn countries and bringing viewers stories of people that are affected by the destruction in the region.”

So why the sudden change? Ann was supposed to do lots of reporting for TODAY from the Olympics and everyone knows how that turned out. One of very few times she appeared on air, Matt Lauer insulted her by pretending to be her long-lost friend.

“Fans of the TODAY show let the network know they missed seeing Ann and the plan going forward is to use her more. Hopefully that might bolster the show’s falling ratings,” the insider says.

Oh, fans have let TODAY know all right. They’re disgusted with how the whole process of firing Ann took place. They’re sick of Matt Lauer reaping the kudos for the positive notes the show still manages to hold on to and they wish they’d fired him instead of her! And so they’re watching Good Morning America instead.

It all comes down to this. It’s pretty clear The TODAY Show executives now realize they made a huge mistake in firing Ann. They’ve been usurped by Good Morning America every week since her departure. Now, at a very desperate point in the show’s life, they figure they need Ann to bring back those ratings.

Is she once again being used by NBC? Yes. Might it bolster her career, however? Yes.

You go, Ann! Fans will watch you no matter where (or on what network) you choose to report from. And Matt Lauer? Why not send him to Syria?

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