Ann Curry Fired, Matt Lauer 100% Responsible

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After leaving the TODAY show, it’s now been confirmed by Us Weekly that Ann Curry was fired due to her co-host’s demands. According to its source, “Matt Lauer is 100 percent behind Ann leaving.” Can you feel the burn?

File:Ann Curry 2012 Shankbone.JPGThough Ann has yet to publicly blame Matt for her unexpected and tearful departure from the long-time morning show, insiders say that things were extremely tense behind the scenes. Ann “refused to speak to [Matt] all week” leading up to her on-air goodbye. Also, many who watched her final moments on TODAY noticed that she shrunk away from Matt as he leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. For those who originally thought nothing of it, in retrospect, they may now believe she was disgusted by his backstabbing rather than bad breath.

Throughout the final segment, there was no genuine connection between Ann and Matt–though whether or not they even did throughout her year as co-host is questionable. But since she was on the TODAY show for 15 years, one would think that her co-host would have more compassion. Was it right that Matt Lauer got Ann Curry fired? Perhaps not, but the fact of the matter is that the TODAY show is more show business than it is news.

Perhaps Matt did Ann a favor in the long run. At least now she can continue on as a “serious” reporter with her national/international correspondent role.

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