Ann Curry Getting the Boot from Co-Host Spot on ‘The Today Show’

Ann Curry, the sweet-faced and calm speaking co-host of the “Today Show,” won’t be smiling for much longer. After only a year at the big desk, it seems that Curry is on her way out, possibly as early as next week. Where will she go? Supposedly they are trying to find a spot for her maybe as a foreign correspondent.

What in the world did Curry do so wrong that they want to send out of New York City and off into the big world? Is it that she is too nice, too sympathetic? She isn’t as loud and annoying as her predecessor Meredith Vieira. Maybe that is the problem. With Matt Lauer as the other co-host, maybe NBC needs someone more outgoing, more vocal and a tad rude.

Ann Curry 2012 ShankboneHave rating slipped since Ann Curry took to the scene? It’s either money or ratings that determine these things. Did she pat Matt’s arm one too many times? If you watch this news show, do you have a clue what the problem is?

Has one of the other morning news programs beat out the “Today Show” so the big-wigs are prepping for another house-cleaning? Money and ratings folks, that what it is all about.

Whatever happens to Ann Curry, hopefully she will make a success out of it. If that means moving on, that is what she has to do. Good luck Ann!

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